Many absentee homeowners return to their primary residences leaving their second homes unattended. As a second homeowner you worry about such issues as the weather, water leaks, break-ins, appliance failures, central air and heating, winterizing and many other issues. Undetected, these issues can lead to unnecessary damage and higher costs for repair. What if there was a way to eliminate the stress of the unknown regarding the condition of your second home when it's left unattended?  Would that be important to you?

       If so, Carolina HomeWatchers, Inc. is your peace of mind. My name is Carl Byxbee. I am the Owner and Manager of Carolina HomeWatchers, Inc. 

       I formed my North Carolina company for the purpose of providing such peace of mind. Grounded by high personal core values of honesty, reliability, integrity, accountability and trustworthiness, I am dedicated to overseeing your home as if it was my own.
       My service provides an on-site inspection of your home and property during your absence. I visually inspect every room in your home for any possible problems and report them to you for further action. My frequent visits will make your home appear occupied while your away. I will take care of your property as if it were my own.

  Carolina HomeWatchers Inc. is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
Welcome to Carolina HomeWatchers.  Located in Hayesville, NC.
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