My Home Watch service consists of regular inspections to your home that include:

  • Walk through interior of property, checking all doors and windows
  • Change position of curtains, change the time of automatic light timers, change minor things outside to make home look lived in.
  • Walk around exterior of property, checking all doors, windows, and screened areas.     
  • Check security system, smoke detectors, circuit breakers
  • Check air conditioner, water heater
  • Check for signs of mold, mildew, insects and rodents
  • Run all faucets and flush all toilets
  • Briefly run kitchen sink disposal and dishwasher
  • Check for maintenance of lawn and pool
  • Contact owner or appropriate service provider if any problems are found.

             I will email you a report after every visit and send digital pictures if needed.

Carolina HomeWatchers Inc. is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
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